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Benefits Of Calendula Salve

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Calendula, which is more commonly known as marigold is often cultivated in the kitchen garden and used to make teas, medicines, broths and calendula salve.   It has also been administered medicinally for centuries and has been traditionally used as a treatment for gastritis, conjunctivitis, eczema, blepharitis, warts, sunburns and other minor burns, wounds, sprains and other minor injuries.  Calendula slave has been utilized to treat snake bites, coughs and cramps as well.

CSCalendula contains chemicals that animal studies have shown to speed up the healing process of wounds by a number of actions, which include increasing the flow of blood to the affected areas and boosting the generation of collagen proteins.  In addition, Calendula contains anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effects as a result of its flavonoid content.  Calendula contains high levels of flavonoids, which are chemicals that supply the body with anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants are said to safeguard the body cells against damage caused by oxidation, which is a chemical process.  Oxidation produces natural chemicals known as oxygen free radicals, which can suppress immune functions.

In gargles and mouthwashes, Calendula soothes mouth tissue or sore throat; in solutions, Calendula has been utilized as a treatment for hemorrhoids.  Calendula salve is also used to treat the following health defects:

Inflammatory Conditions

A study which was carried out on 170 patients revealed that combined with Symphitum, Calendula is effective as a treatment for stomach inflammation.  The combined herbs have effects on gastric acidity that are comparable to antacids.

Research has found that the heads of the Calendula flowers are rich in myristate, palmitate, faradiol 3-O-laurate and other anti-inflammatory properties.

Muscle Spasm

Studies have indicated that extract from the Calendula officinalis flowers cause relaxation of spontaneous contractions.  In addition, Calendula salve has anti-viral properties and all the compounds had the capacity to suppress vesicular stomatitis virus infection.

Diaper Rash, Acne and Anti-fungal Treatment

Calendula salve is an effective treatment for diaper rash and acne.  An infusion of the salve relieves colitis and symptoms associated with menopause and aids in digestion.   Calendula can be used as an anti-fungal agent to treat candida, ringworm and athlete’s foot.  Calendula salve encourages healing when applied directly to cold sores as well.

Today, studies are being carried out on Calendula for its anti-cancer properties.  Used in conjunction with Aconitum moldavicum, Scorzonera humilis L., Echinacea purpurea and other herbs, evidence of success has been noted in the treatment of certain cancers. If you still want to learn more you can find all of the information found in this article and much more at


Argan oil and Krill oil- healthy living

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Argan oil is a product from the Argan tree that is found as well as grown in Morocco, which is a country of North Africa. The important thing to note here is that the Argan tree is grown in limited areas and so the oil produced is very rare and has an amazing health property. Argan oil not only has been effective on hair but also it s a very good cosmetic supplement. First it was Berber women who started using this oil to beautify their hair, skin and nails. In addition to the application of Argan oil on hair, skin and nails, it also helps in tenderizing outer skin which has become rough.  This oil is not at all greasy, only a few drops of Argan oil can moisturize face and especially the under eye skin which is very sensitive. Argan oil helps in reducing lines from the skin. This oil can alleviate joint pain as it contains a pain relieving property. You can find out more about argan oil here at Have only the best vitamin c serum for your body.

Argan oil has a nutty and rich flavor and this make it ideal for cooking and it adds taste to the dishes. The content of potassium, fatty acids, and magnesium is highly favorable to the heart. Argan oil is only in the seed and they are in the layers of the fruit. The seeds are grounded from which the oil is extracted. Once the oil is extracted the paste is fed to the animals. Therefore animals are also benefitted from this Moroccan Argan tree. Argan oil without water is supposed to have a longer life of nearly a year.

There’s a debate on krill supplements and other fish oils. However, krill oil takes over as it contains fatty acids almost similar to other fish oils but any time better and superior to such oils. Although the fatty acids are helpful fats that can reduce cholesterol, swelling and can liquidize blood in the platelets making it less sticky. And as a result no clots are formed in the blood. High cholesterol is balanced with the consumption of krill oil. The symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are reduced with the usage of this oil. People with arthritis are advised to go with this oil as it alleviates joint pains and soothes muscles. A kind of stiffness in joints can be treated in almost 30 days with the regular application of krill oil.

In addition to this, sudden stroke, mental stress, worries, high blood pressure depression, and the growth of cancer cells can be reduced and the former problems are taken care of with the ingestion, application of krill oil. All kinds of heart diseases, blood fats are treated with krill oil. Krill oil absorbs easily due to which there is never the aftertaste and fishy burping experience with this oil. Krill oil has become number one selling oil supplement compared to the other oils in the market today. Although it’s expensive yet the benefits are long lasting for a healthy way of life and living and to look younger to age.


The Search For The Most Practical Diet

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Researching the diet or fitness program that one is about to go with is always advisable before proceeding with the diet itself. Just as it has been mentioned by the diet guides in several health sites, not all diet programs put health as a priority in setting up their guides. There are weight loss programs that immediately subject the body to harsh crash diet plans. This is very risky considering that it is the individual’s body that is being dealt with. Some of these crash diets disregard the body’s nutrient and vitamin needs. Worst case scenario, if something goes wrong with the diet, the health of the individual suffers and who knows what its side effects can do.
Losing weight is not a bad thing as it helps the individual maintain fitness and good health. Nevertheless, keeping a healthy weight is very much needed for the good of one’s health that is why we have different sets of recommended daily calorie intake. We have to keep in mind that there should be a right ratio of fats in the body. So people who are overweight must also lose weight before the major organs of the body are disrupted. However, if dieting is done so in such a way that it harms the body, then it would totally just defeat the purpose of losing weight which is to maintain good health. This is why it is important to know one’s diet program first before going through with it. But how exactly does one “know”?
Checking for information about any diet program, method or product has been made very easy through the internet. There are several fitness and diet websites that offer a free and easily accessible diet program database. One can gather heaps of reviews and feedback on a diet program just by checking it online. These reviews and feedback are given by experts as well as users themselves. Dieters who have also gone through a successful weight loss share their opinions about the weight loss programs they have tried and which ones worked for them. What better way to know a diet than to hear from those who have already undergone it?


The Discipline Of Garcinia Cambogia

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Fighting the battle of the bulge has always required discipline, hard work and focus. As one of the articles in the internet say, dieting or weight loss can be looked upon as a sacrifice. It is indeed a sacrifice when one has to stop one’s habit of continuing to eat as much food as desired. Learning to curb one’s appetite is not something that one can accomplish overnight. It takes time and much practice on constraint and self control. But why go through such a hassle?
As what most of us might already know, the presence of too much fat in the body can lead to obesity. Being obese not only affects one’s lifestyle and morale but it also puts one under the risk of major health conditions such as cancer, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and so much more. In a nutshell, it puts the individual in danger by attacking the major organs in one’s body. The vital organs are being put to the test every single day due to the accumulation of fats. When a vital organ is overworked, specifically the heart, all the other systems will be affected. It will then be easier to catch a disease or ailment when proper dieting is not observed due to the disruption of the functions of the vital organs.
Aside from having a negative effect on one’s health, obesity can also bring forth serious issues on one’s self esteem usually because of discrimination. Although it may be caused by genetics as well as one’s environment, one can still do something about it. One can incorporate exercise into one’s lifestyle as well as dieting because these two dictates the presence of excess fats in the body. One can also refrain from engaging in activities which are sedentary in nature; more specifically staying at home and facing in front of a game console or computer.
Individuals having health problems due to excess fats can go on a diet to control one’s food intake. Although this may involve cutting down calorie intake, the weight loss process should also be gradual to avoid detrimental effects.  Cutting down on weight will also help with aging, if you have more concerns about aging then you should look into the side effects and benefits of garcinia cambogia extract. as a great supplement to take. As previously stated, everything can still be fought. All it takes is focus and determination. Absolute discipline in keeping an active lifestyle and a balanced diet are the most essential factors in maintaining a fit body.


Why You Should Focus More On Eating Better And Getting Enough Exercise

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These days, getting into the best shape possible is top of mind for most people. That is why gym memberships, yoga classes, dancing, running and other forms of sports and exercise are becoming more and more popular. As well, numerous diet programs and weight loss products are cropping up. There are those which offer fast results as well as a safe means to get rid of excess pounds. A lot of people opt for diet programs and weight loss products because these demand less time and effort from an individual compared to regular exercise regimens. However, only a few people are aware that the key to getting into better shape is really eating better and getting a regular dose of exercise. Such a partnership would ensure a healthier and fitter body.  Try using a weight gainer if you feel you look too skinny as a way to add some lean muscle to your frame.  Using Essential aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus oil can prove to be effective for recovery.
The danger with some diet programs and weight loss products is that they sometimes afford serious side effects and health dangers on an individual. It is common for us to hear of dieters going through weakness, headaches, stomach aches and dizzy spells just for the sake of losing a few pounds. Some diet programs strip the body of healbody minerals, vitamins and nutrients, which are needed by the body in order to function properly, due to their unrealistically low calorie requirements. Whereas, what the body actually needs is a steady and substantial amount of vegetables, fruits and meat daily so it would be able to take advantage of the benefits that these offer. What an individual needs in order to enjoy a healthier and fitter body is to develop and stick to a well-balanced diet.
These days, it is very easy to get lured to the enticing promises offered by various diet programs and weight loss products. Some of these may be beneficial, but there are some which can actually offer more harm than good. The key is to find out which of these options best suit your needs, expectations and lifestyle. Pinpoint a weight loss ally which can help you attain the fitter body you have always wanted by promoting regular exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet. Nowadays, getting into better shape can be easier and safer. Choosing such a weight loss ally will prove to be a smart move on your part.